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Taekwondo Black Belt II Degree

Back in May 2011 I successfully graded for my First Degree Black in Taekwondo, a Korean military martial arts that I have been training in for the last 5 years… Since then training intensified, resting was not an option as we had to learn a huge amount of new content in preparation for our Second Degree. I was delighted that after all the training and a grueling grading I successfully passed on the 11 November this year, so now proud to say i’m a Second (II) Degree Black Belt… :) Training continues again in preparation for Third Degree hopefully in the next 2-3 years so long as I train hard :)

(In the photo: Far left and far right – Mr A Crisp V and Miss A Ross  III (my brilliant and inspiring instructors), the blonde is my friend Hayley Frend, the bloke in the middle is my lovely husband :) and i’m the short dark haired one on the right :)



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